Macedonian Content Farmers Podcast, Episode 127 – A Hot Mess


Things in Macedonia were moving rapidly over the past week since Zoran Zaev and his regime were nearly overthrown save for one kidnapped MP but now have slowed down as the hot mess that is Macedonian politics devolves into an absurd theatre. Cvetin and Jason get together to try to make sense of it all as Zaev does not have a working majority, the opposition, led by VMRO, doesn’t quite have enough votes to bring down his government, and as Zoran Zaev himself continues to be missing, in a manner of speaking. Throw into this mix the recent Bulgarian elections and their continuing ridiculous demands on Macedonia and you have yourself Balkan politics at its finest. Have a listen!

Music by:

- Mizar (Pocesna strelba - Last salute)

With gratitude to Mark Steyn for giving us the idea for the podcast name